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14 reviews
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An essential app for scanning codes to discover content

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QR & Barcode Scanner is an app that lets you scan both barcodes and QR codes.

Barcodes can be found on virtually everything you buy. QR codes, on the other hand, are more modern, and many different services use them. With QR & Barcode Scanner, you can use your Android device to scan them and access information about these products and services. For example, nowadays, it's very common for bars and restaurants to use a digital menu instead of a physical one, which you can access by scanning its QR code.

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With QR & Barcode Scanner, you can conveniently access a website through a code without having to copy and paste an address. These codes can also be promotions that take you to a temporary page. Scanning barcodes with QR & Barcode Scanner also provides all kinds of useful information. With this app, you can access digital stores that have the product available for sale.

QR & Barcode Scanner is very convenient and easy to use. It has a simple interface, and you don't have to watch ads or create an account to use it. Download the QR & Barcode Scanner APK now and conveniently scan all the barcodes and QR codes you need.

Reviewed by Carmen Hernández Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

Where can I download the QR & Barcode Scanner APK for Android?

You can download the QR & Barcode Scanner APK from Uptodown. On our website and native app, you can find the latest update and previous versions of this app for scanning codes.

Is QR & Barcode Scanner free?

Yes, QR & Barcode Scanner is free. You don't have to pay anything to enjoy this useful app on your Android device.

Is QR & Barcode Scanner an online app?

Yes, QR & Barcode Scanner is an online app. In most cases, you'll need an Internet connection in order to view the information displayed by each code.

Information about QR & Barcode Scanner 2.2.59

Package Name com.gamma.scan
License Free
Op. System Android
Category General
Language English
73 more
Author Gamma Play
Downloads 502,207
Date Jul 14, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 2.2.58 Android + 4.4 Feb 12, 2024
xapk 2.2.49 Android + 4.4 Sep 5, 2023
apk 2.2.48 Android + 4.4 Aug 18, 2023
apk 2.2.47 Android + 4.4 Jan 19, 2023
apk 2.2.45 Android + 4.4 Oct 23, 2022
apk 2.2.44 Android + 4.4 Oct 14, 2022

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14 reviews


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beautifulblackpeacock73909 icon
2 months ago

excellent thanks 🗿🗿🗿🗿

oldgreydeer3593 icon
in 2023


intrepidpinkcrane33864 icon
in 2022


dvidjd icon
in 2020


awesomeblackparrot54662 icon
in 2019

works great. does exactly what I need it to.

crazygoldendeer41152 icon
in 2019

not certain n

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